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Maria Theresia Taler (Münze Österreich)

The Maria Theresa Thaler is a silver coin that has been in use worldwide since 1741. This coin was named after the Empress Maria Theresa, the first woman to rule the Habsburg Monarchy. It was by her decree that the production of this silver coin had started. The coin, as well as its new editions, have been minted continuously since 1857. Originally issued in 1780, the year of Maria Theresa’s death, the coin features the Empress in her later years on its front, while the reverse side features the imperial crown flanked by a pair of eagle heads above a shield. Although in Austria it was used as the official coinage until 1858, in many African countries the Maria Theresa Thaler was officially in use until the end of World War II.

Austrian mint Münze Österreich is owned by the Central Austrian bank. It is one of the oldest mints in the world. In historical data, it is first mentioned in 1371. but the actual history is about two centuries longer. There is an interesting story about its beginnings. On his way back from the Crusades, Richard the Lionheart was apprehended in Austria (due to a prior offence towards Duke Leopold V.) Richard paid 15 tons of silver in ransom. Leopold decided to use the silver to make coins, thus starting the first mint business in Vienna. Along with coins, Munze Osterreich produces Austrian euro coins, as well as commemorative medals.  Auro Domus is their official partner in Croatia.

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