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Koala, 1 ounce (Perth Mint)

Since it was first issued in 2007, Australian koala has been one of the most renowned silver coins in the world. It was originally planned as a limited series of silver coins, with an annual change in design for the koala on the back; a trait that makes it an even more sought after item on the silver investment market. 

The Perth Mint is the official gold and silver coin mint in Australia. It is owned by the State of Western Australia. The mint started operating in 1899, two years prior to Australian continent becoming a federation.

The Perth Mint is also known for gold coins of very unusual weight such is 1 kg Australian Kangaroo. It is no surprise that in 2011 this mint produced the largest gold coin in the world, 80cm in diameter, 12cm in width and weighing 1012 kg. This gold coin weighing more than one ton is made of pure gold and its value at the moment of crafting was 53 million of Australian dollars.

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The Perth Mint

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