Silver bar 500g (Argor Heraeus)


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Silver bar 500g (Argor Heraeus)

As the starting point in their careers, investors often use silver bars and invest in precious metals. Much more affordable than gold bars, they are wanted on the market by investors with a smaller initial budget. In some situations, the price of silver is raising faster than the price of gold, so silver bars may represent an excellent investment.

The 500g silver bar is among the medium items on Auro Domus offer. As well as an investment, it is also an attractive gift.

Argor Heraeus SA is one the most globally renowned gold mints. It has been the leading refinery in Switzerland since 1951. Ten years later it became a part of prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).  Since 2004 it has been a referring mint in determining the highest world standard known as ‘’Good Delivery“. Therefore, the name Argor Heraeus is synonymous with gold quality and is acknowledged throughout the world.

The refinery has the capacity of processing 400 tons of gold per year. Bars stamped with their mark are sold in over 50 countries across the world. Along with private persons, buyers are tradesmen in investment gold, business banks, industrial and other manufacturers of gold, but also central state banks. Auro Domus has been doing business successfully with this company for years.

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93.5mm x 44.0mm x 13.5mm






Argor Heraeus

Packaging dimensions

ADBM box 153.0mm x 75.0mm x 23.0mm

Weight (g)

500 g.

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