Gold bar 5 g. (Münze Österreich)


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Gold bar 5 g (Münze Österreich) 999.9/1000 Austria

Gold 5 gram bar is a good choice for long term saving in gold. Many clients decide to invest monthly in these bars. To pursue this goal, they need only a modest financial stake. Over time, they may accumulate? substantial assets in investment gold. Also, this helps clients to protect themselves from sudden changes in value of gold, given that over a period of time of constantly investing in gold, they ensure buying gold at average prices. Each gold bar has its own serial number. Münze Österreich delivers small and medium sized bars (1g to100g) in their original, airtight, plastic packaging, a blister, that also works as a certificate. Additionally, Auro Domus issues their own certificate that guarantees authenticity and quality of the bars.

Austrian mint Münze Österreich is owned by the Central Austrian bank. It is one of the oldest mints in the world. Historically, it was first mentioned in 1371, but the actual history is about two centuries longer. There is an interesting story about its beginnings. On his way back from the Crusades, Richard the Lionheart was apprehended in Austria (due to a prior offence towards Duke Leopold V). Richard paid 15 tons of silver in ransom. Leopold decided to use that silver to make coins, thus starting the first mint business in Vienna. Along with coins, Münze Österreich produces Austrian euro coins, as well as commemorative medals. Auro Domus is their official partner in Croatia.

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23.0mm x 14.0mm x 0.9mm






Münze Österreich

Packaging dimensions

85.0mm x 54.0mm

Weight (g)

5 g.

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