Gold bar 20 g Valcambi


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Gold bar 20 g Valcambi

A 20g gold bar is a common choice when diversifying a portfolio by investing in gold. Similar to the 10g bar, clients buy them along with larger bars (50, 100 or 250 grams). This way they are more flexible when selling because they can cash in only a part of their portfolio.

Valcambi delivers its small and medium forged bars (from 1g to 100g) in the original vacuum and plasticized packaging (the so-called “blister”), which is also a certificate. Auro Domus additionally provides its clients with exclusive packaging that makes it easier to store bars. On top of that, Auro Domus issues its own certificate that guarantees the authenticity and quality of the bar.

Valcambi is a Swiss mint known for its products of incredible value. Its history, which began more than 60 years ago, has brought Valcambi to a position of absolute prestige today in the world of precious metals. Its refinery and mint together represent one of the largest plants in the world in this field. The company focuses exclusively on the processing and production of investment gold and related metals. The annual production reaches 2,000 tons, including products in gold, silver and platinum. Valcambi therefore represents the most illustrious mint and refinery in Switzerland and its trademark is one of the most recognizable and appreciated both in Europe and throughout the world. Among its clients, it boasts the world’s largest companies in the extraction of precious metals, various manufacturers of luxury watches, large international banks and central banks of various countries of the world.

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85.0mm x 54.0mm






Valcambi Suisse

Packaging dimensions

18.0mm x 31.0mm x 2.20mm

Weight (g)

20 g.

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