Gold bar 1 ounce (Argor Heraeus)


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Gold bar 1 ounce 31.1g? (Argor Heraeus)

The ounce is a historical measure for pricing gold. Up until recently the price of precious metals has been in grams. In honor of tradition, but also of large turnover, the gold ounce has kept a superb ratio of average price per gram and the value of the bar as whole.?

Each gold bar has a serial number. Argor Heraeus delivers small and medium sized bars (1g -100g) in their original, airtight, plastic packaging, a blister that also works as a certificate.? Auro Domus has produced exclusive packaging for large bars that facilitates their storage. Additionally, Auro Domus issues their own certificate that guarantees authenticity and quality of the bars.

Argor Heraeus SA is one of the most globally renowned gold mints.. It has been the leading refinery in Switzerland since 1951. Ten years later it became a part of prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).? Since 2004 it has been a referring mint in determining the highest world standard known as ??Good Delivery?. Therefore, the name Argor Heraeus is synonymous with gold quality and is acknowledged throughout the world.

The refinery has the capacity of processing 400 tons of gold per year. Bars stamped with their mark are sold in over 50 countries across the world. Along with private persons, buyers are tradesmen in investment gold, business banks, industrial and other manufacturers of gold, but also central state banks. Auro Domus has been doing business successfully with this company for years.

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40.4mm x 23.3mm 1.9mm






Argor Heraeus

Packaging dimensions

85.0mm x 54.0mm

Weight (g)

31,1 g.

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