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Investing in investment gold, silver and other precious metals is an excellent way to preserve asset value. But what is the best way to store these assets? The ideal solution is your own safe or a contracted storage under adequate conditions. Auro Domus allows you to store your bars and coins independently of banks and financial institutions. This kind of precious metals storage service also means a higher level of security, because your assets are in our safe keeping at all times, from the moment of purchase until you decide to sell them or move them.

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What are the advantages of using the secure storage service of Auro Domus?

High safety standards include top safes with multiple security protocols.

The full insurance of the assets in accordance with their value at the time of storage is an additional guarantee.

A fully personalized approach based on serial numbers and packaging resistant to unauthorized opening guarantees that no one other than you can access your bars and coins

Freedom to sell stored assets at any time, quickly and easily, at no additional cost.

Free precious metals storage in the first year after purchase.

Flexibility in asset management allows you to take the stored valuables out and have them delivered to you at any time.

Auro Domus Secure Storage Terms and Conditions


Storage of precious metals purchased from Auro Domus


There is no minimum value for storing purchased investment gold, silver, or other items.


There is no minimum contract duration: storage is free for the first year after purchase, and delivery can be requested from the first day of the contract.


All additional information is available in the General Terms and Conditions.

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