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Each investment carries with it a certain risk. Are you buying investment gold, silver, or other precious metals? The more information you have on the investment itself, the lesser the risk impact. Although the price of gold has been rising for decades, with an average annual return of 8% over the past 40 years, it is always good to have as much information as possible about the values and prices of precious metals before the purchase. Does the price of silver grow faster than that of gold? What trends are predicted for palladium and platinum? Auro Domus has a team of experts who monitor the movements and trends on the precious metals markets every day. We will gladly share our experience and insights with you. Request a conversation with a business consultant by phone, an e-mail consultation or a meeting in person at one of our stores.

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What does the consultation on investing in precious metals include?

Expert information on the gold market, provided with no intention to influence your investment decisions

Individual approach tailored to your personal questions and interests

Suggestions for optimal investment options based on your preferences

Detailed analyses in line with your needs

Full discretion and confidentiality of information

Consulting is completely free of charge

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Auro Domus offers free advice to all existing and potential future clients


Consulting on investing in precious metals is useful to anyone interested in the investment gold and silver.

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