Auro Domus

Auro Domus is the leader in precious metals trade in Croatia, operating in the whole of Europe. The Auro Domus Group includes several affiliated companies in Croatia and abroad. In addition to selling investment gold and silver and the buying of gold, its main activities are currency exchange and ATM management.

Over 100 years of tradition

The beginnings connected to the buying of gold

The international success of the Auro Domus Group is based on more than 100 years of family tradition in the precious metals trade. Back in 1916, Renato Dessardo began his training as a master jeweler with Rudolf Giraldi, the most respected jeweler of the time. After obtaining his license to work as an independent jeweler in 1929, he opened his first jewelry store. For his place of work, he chose Opatija, one of the most important European tourist destinations at the beginning of the 20th century, a place of luxury, glamor, and refined taste. The head office of the company Auro Domus is located in Opatija still today.

Knowledge and skills were passed down from generation to generation. After Renato, his son Ivo and grandson Armin took over the business, and expanded it to other cities. Building on this tradition, Loris Dessardo, the fourth generation of the family in the gold business, founded the company Auro Domus in 2010. He combined many years of experience with contemporary market needs and created one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

The company Auro Domus began its business with the buying of gold. It was the first to organize the professional purchase of gold as an independent business activity. In just two years, the company has become the Croatian leader in precious metals. A high-quality business policy and a professional approach to clients have been recognized and rewarded by the market. Thanks to this, in 2014 the company achieved the highest growth among the 100 largest companies in Croatia.

A year earlier, the Group was expanded with the company Auro Domus Bullion Market. The company specializes in the production and sale of items made of investment gold and silver. In this way, the Auro Domus Group rounds up many different yet associated activities in the precious metals market.

Best selling items

Stepping into new activities

International business expansion

Today, Auro Domus has a wide retail network throughout Croatia. Under the distinctive yellow and black logo, clients will find kind and educated employees specialized in providing services of evaluation and purchase of gold and silver, sale of investment gold and gold jewelry, and currency exchange.

The company plans its future growth on the basis of recognizing market needs, expanding its business further, and delivering money services to a wide range of clients. On these same grounds, Auro Domus built one of the largest ATM networks in Croatia. In this network, it enables quick cash withdrawals at more than 500 locations across the country.

In recent years, Auro Domus has expanded its business activities to other countries in the European Union. Its investment gold buying and selling service is available internationally. In addition, the network of ATMs outside Croatia has been expanded.

Auro Domus bases its future growth and success on the same principles on which the reputation of the Dessardo jewelry store was built. These principles include the continuous monitoring of market trends, investment in employee education, and attempting to not only fulfil but also surpass the wishes and expectations of our clients.